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Yeah, exactly that. One mess up at a time

Open Letter to Flipkart and to India's Assholes



Let’s get straight to it, Flipkart fucked up. And I wanted stuff too. I couldn’t get any of it.

A 2 TB Hard drive

A new pair of shoes

A backpack

And I was disappointed. As fuck, I might add.

But since the day of the “Big Billion Day” Sale I have seen nothing on my newsfeed except…

Very well written. Except for the ‘rooting for home-grown FK’ part - fuck that, I’ll root for whatever provides the best service at best price. Fk’s doing an amazing job - keep at it.

Breaking Bad | First and Final Appearances (excluding flashbacks)

People are fucking awesome #BrBa

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Life Through the Perspective of a Cow


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A few weeks ago, I decided to pick the first cow I saw and follow it for a day. I then ended up following 3 cows for a total stalking time of 16 hours. What began as an outlandish curiosity to see life through the perspective of a cow led me to some unusual…

10 things a Delhi guy says after the party is over.


10 things a Delhi guy says after the party is over.

Gotta love Delhi. Delhi people are one of my favorite, here are a list of 10 things that you will get to hear from a delhi guy after the party gets over at a pub:

1. Bhai, chinta na kar – meri gaddi mein daaru hai


2. Gurgaon chalte hai, theke khule honge.


3. Tere bhai ko aaj pyaar ho gaya.



4. Aajkal saali daaru chadti hi nahi.


5. Gaadi toh main hii chalaaunga.
del-5_06. Bhai tu yahin…

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Today my startup failed


No soft landing, no happy ending—we simply failed.

It’s been a long four year journey, full of highs and lows. I am simultaneously incredibly proud, and incredibly disappointed.

I’m incredibly proud of an amazing team and all that they have accomplished. Our most recent product,